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Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker: A Comprehensive Review

Are you looking for a new ice cream machine? If so, have you considered the Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream machine? It’s one of my favorite kitchen appliances! It makes homemade ice cream in under an hour. And thanks to the compressor, you can make back to back batches! Read on or watch the video for my thoughts on the ice cream maker –

Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker Review

I got the Breville Smart Scoop mainly for the compressor.

The compressor chills the ice cream container so that you don’t need to plan ahead.

I used to have to pre-freeze the large tub in my freezer when I wanted to make ice cream.

No more!

Now, I can save space and make ice cream on impulse!

This ice cream machine is simple to use and makes great ice cream.

All that you need?

You just need good and recipes of course! Read on for a few of mine below!

Breville Smart Scoop features  –

  • It has its own detachable ice cream bucket that you can take out for easy maneuver.
  • There’s a timer button that will notify you when it is finished making your ice cream.
  • There’s an audible bell sound to signal that it’s time to add in fruit, nuts etc or that the ice cream is ready.
  • It also has a ‘KEEP COOL’ button that keeps your ice cream cool for 3 hours.
  • Several levels of hardness, I stick to mostly hard ice cream (making the bar go all the way to the right)
    • For the first level, we have the softest which is Sorbet, then comes the Frozen Yogurt next is Gelato, and lastly the Ice Cream.
    • It also comes with a few accessories: a scoop for taking out the ice cream and a fuzzy pipe cleaner like thing for cleaning the churner

So how do you use the ice cream machine?

It is very to use. Basically you make your ice cream base. Make sure to chill it first, especially if you are cooking a custard on the stove.

Once chilled, you can either start precool or just add the mixture and press the button to start churning.

The moment it’s done churning,  it’ll make a *ding ding* sound to notify you that your ice cream is done!

hojicha ice cream 3 scoops

So why’d I buy the Breville Ice Cream Machine?

My last ice cream maker (which shall remain nameless) was too much of hassle for me.

I hated always having to plan ahead.

The container took up a ton of space in my freezer.

And I also couldn’t make back to back batches which I now do.

So after doing some research, the Breville seemed like the best option.

I guess you have to ask yourself – is it worth having the convenience of not planning, not taking up freezer space?

For me it was!

Some of the things I don’t like about the ice cream maker 

The only thing I don’t like about this machine is the noise.

My old ice cream machine was noisy too, I’d say this one is a little less noisy but you’ll definitely hear it when it’s on.

Would be nice for their next model if they figure out a way to dampen the noise.

And no, it doesn’t require earplugs, so don’t worry.

Or if you’re concerned buy it from a place that you can return it to.

But then you’ll be pretty limited in options.

Another thing that could be improved is making the ice cream container dishwasher safe.

It says right on it, not to put in dishwasher.

But I’ll live.

matcha ice cream

Tips on using Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

  • Cleaning the container – thoroughly clean the container with soap, otherwise, it’ll be oily from all the cream / fat that was in there.
  • If you do back to back batches, dry the outside thoroughly. Otherwise, the ice cream container may stick to the machine. (Due to ice forming around the bucket).
  • Rather than use the plastic paddle I sometimes use a large silicone spatula which is more effective in getting out the ice cream
  • Get reusable containers. I use the Tovolo Quart size containers and the mini ones too (good for portion control). I’d recommend both!

Some tips for making ice cream in general- 

  • In order to cool your ice cream base quickly, set in a large ice water bath.
  • Only heat up your milk sugar egg yolk mixture and keep the cream cold. I used to cook both together, but found no difference in flavor or texture after leaving the cream cold and mixing in after the custard base has been finished.

Kinako Ice Cream with Kuromitsu


In summary, I’m happy to say that I’m happy with my ice cream machine.

I haven’t had any issues with it and it churns good homemade ice cream

The batch size is perfect, roughly 2 quarters using 3 cups liquid.

The ice cream lasts usually around a week depending on how impulsive my girlfriend and I are being.

If you’re looking for an ice cream machine with a compressor this is one of the few available for home use.

It’s not cheap so look at it as an investment.

By making ice cream at home you can control the ingredients and eliminate unnecessary additives.

You can also limit the sugar or fat to your liking.

What’s that mean for me?

We’ll it’s a double edged sword.

And to me it means, eating more and more ice cream of course ha!

How about you?

Do you have a Breville smart scoop?

Have you found something better?

Let me know in the comments!


Konnichiwa! (Hello!) I'm Pat Tokuyama, a Japanese tofu cookbook author, who travels for music, food, and adventure. If you like Japanese tea, checkout some of the newestorganic japanese tea, matcha bowls and noren and more!

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In case you’ve missed them, here are some of my ice cream recipes!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL0sTRitr11zbOJiYgMLwywYNhT2wFvMTj&v=cLsjPTQQtNQ[/embedyt]

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Konnichiwa! (Hello!) I'm Pat Tokuyama, a Japanese tofu cookbook author, who travels for music, food, and adventure. If you like Japanese tea, checkout some of the newestorganic japanese tea, matcha bowls and noren and more!

** Curious about the Plant Based Japanese Cooking Club? ** Learn more here!


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