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My name is Pat! Each Wednesday, I show you how I cook delicious and healthy (mostly) Japanese food!

With one recipe and video at a time!

On October 3, 2018 I also published a cookbook with over 30 recipes on Japanese tofu.

It’s called – Tofu Ryouri – Simple Japanese tofu recipes to cook healthier at home, now available on Amazon.

I also grow my own Japanese vegetables and Japanese herbs, primarily hydroponically. (That means no soil!).

When not cooking and eating, I enjoy roasting coffee, surfing, travel and hiking in the mountains.

How All day I eat like a shark began....

It all started with me being injured at the beach. It was the day before I was to leave on my weeklong surf trip in Costa Rica.

At my home surf spot, the week leading up had seen solid Southwest swell. Meaning, consistent waves 6-8ft in height.

After having a really good surf session, I was exiting the water and a large wall of white water came at me.

I had to make a split decision to either try and run up the steep sand almost at a 30 degree angle or try to hop over the white water. I chose the latter.

I was promptly deposited on the sand like a bag of bricks. I landed on my ankle and heard and felt it crack

I tried to get up after the water receded and immediately fell down. I knew something was terribly wrong.

I thought I had broken my ankle and hobbled back to my bike and biked with one leg back to my car.

The pain and stiffness didn’t set in for about 20 minutes, but once it did there was absolutely no way I could put any weight on my foot without severe pain.

Fortunately, after getting x-rayed at urgent care, it wasn’t broken.

But I couldn’t walk and was on crutches for the next few weeks.

Surf trip cancelled.

Fortunately, I had travel insurance to cover the cancellation. (Highly recommend you buy an annual plan if you travel a lot)

Since I had taken work off, my girlfriend and I wanted to make the best of it.
Emi and I decided to go on a road trip to Glacier National Park.
Highlight of the trip? Seeing fields of wildflowers on one of the back country trails.
No I didn’t go hiking with my crutches, we went on horseback.
It was then I realized the meaning of eat like a horse.
My little horse literally ate at every opportunity shrubs and leaves and the stuff the staff told us to not let the horses eat.

Funny how somethings you think you know the meaning of. But you don’t really know til you experience it yourself. And then it hits you. Ah ha! (That’s what happened to me.)

 Once we got home from the road trip it was hard to adjust standing with one foot. I live in a 3 story townhouse and you can image how fun it isn’t going up and down multiple lights of stairs!

Funny how somethings you think you know the meaning of. But you don’t really know til you experience it yourself. And then it hits you. Ah ha! (That’s what happened to me.) 

Fortunately, within 4 weeks I was able to put some weight back on my foot. But I wasn’t able to get back in the water and walking for another month or so.
With all my energy unable to be expended I decided to start my blog.

All Day I eat, not like a horse, but like a shark.

The animal I most fear when surfing. Of course, it was a play on that fear.

My shark looks somewhat friendly and likes to dress up for Halloween and Christmas.

During this time, I also read more books than I usually do. Some of the more significant ones being about food.

Real Food, Fake Food was the first.

Followed by Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dillema

And then the China Study and Whole.

All of which really changed my perspectives on food, my diet, and eating habits in general.

Since then, I’ve significantly cut back on my meat consumption and made a conscious effort to think about where my food comes from and how to eat healthier.

And no, I don’t think I’ll ever give up meat completely.

I still enjoy a good burger, steak or yakiniku (Japanese barbecue), but it’s something I reserve for special occasions.

I’ve not gone entirely plant based, but more pescatarian and flexitarian if you need to label me.

These eating habits and changes were reflected in my early blog posts and recipes.

Many of which featured whole grains like farro, quinoa, lentils and meatless pasta

All day I eat like a shark pivots a fin (if a fin is pivotable.... is it?)

After 2 years of running this site, I was not seeing the type of growth I really wanted.

I decided I needed to make some changes.
One of which, was narrowing down my niche.
This was my pivot in January of 2018.
This was the year I also began to push for video.
Japanese cuisine is something I’ve always been comfortable preparing at home.
Not only did I grow up eating it, but I’ve lived and traveled somewhat extensively throughout the country.
And it’s a place I plan to go back and live someday.

Because I love Japanese food so much

It was easy for me to narrow my focus. I decided to also focus on video because food can be tricky to recreate at home.

Especially if it’s something you’re not familiar with. And I’ve used cookbooks with minimal photos and lengthy / unclear instructions and it usually comes out ok.

But I’ve had some questionable and disappointing results also.

So that’s story. How I ended up where I am today.

I hope that my recipes and videos and tofu cookbook will help you discover more healthy Japanese food.

As they say in Japanese ganbatte 頑張って! (keep at it!)

If I can do it so can you!

I enjoy hearing from my readers, so if you want to contact me you can find me on social or email direct patrick at alldayieat.com

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