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Welcome to All Day I Eat!

My name is Patrick and I’m here to help you eat more delicious Japanese food!

In order to satisfy my appetite and bottomless cooking sprees, I also grow my own Japanese vegetables and Japanese herbs, primarily hydroponically. (That means no soil!).

I’ll be sharing my gardening lessons and tips with you on a regular basis.

I also love to travel using points and miles. And I’ll show you how easily it can be done.

I mostly travel when I’m tired of cooking and gardening.

Sometimes I just order take out.

Uber Eats if I’m feeling super lazy.

What about you?


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Here’s 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

As a surfer, one of my greatest fears is getting attacked by sharks.

I thought I’d take that mortal fear of mine and spin it into something fun.

See this post to see how the shark was born- Throwback Thursday -The Birth of the All Day I Eat Shark 



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