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Welcome to All Day I Eat like a shark!

My name is Pat and I’m here to help you eat and cook more delicious Japanese food!

Here i share my ❤ for eating and cooking Japanese food! 🍱🍣🍛

Each week learn all about Japanese cuisine, one 📖 recipe and 🎥 video at a time!🤗

I also grow my own Japanese vegetables and Japanese herbs, primarily hydroponically. (That means no soil!).

Are you ready to choose your adventure?

If you’d like to continue learning about Japanese cuisine, I’m going to publish my first Japanese cookbook in July.

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I cook live from my kitchen each Wednesday at 6PM PST and you’re invited! – Alldayieatlikeashark Youtube channel

Here’s a link to Season 1 of live Japanese cooking Winter 2018 edition

Here’s 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

As a surfer, one of my greatest fears is getting attacked by sharks.

I thought I’d take that mortal fear of mine and spin it into something fun.

That’s partly how All Day I Eat like a shark was born.

See this post to see how the shark was born- Throwback Thursday -The Birth of the All Day I Eat Shark 



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