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How to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da)

Ca Phe Sua Da (literally – coffee with condensed milk and ice) That is what you say if you want to order a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk in Vietnam. If you don’t want condensed milk you can switch up the phrase a bit and say ca phe den da. Which is black iced

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Ice Blended Espresso (better than a Frappuccino!!)

While shooting my Rancilio Silvia Espresso videos, I pulled a lot of shots(10 double shots- really). Rather than drink them all, was trying to figure out what I could do differently with them. One idea I found was ice blended espresso or coffee. If you think Starbucks Frappuccinos are generally too sweet, you might really like this

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How I do Thai Iced Tea

Hot summer days? cold Thai iced tea = solid combo like NW and SW swells meld for peaky surf at California beaches.  The hot weather recently has got me making lots of cold drinks, cold brew coffee, cold brew tea, iced coffee etc and I wanted to share how i do Thai Iced Tea. I got my

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