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Restarting my Aerogarden

I finally have overcome my deep depression after my Aerogarden herbs died while I was out of town last year. After that traumatic event, I needed a little break.

Restarting my Aerogarden with Thai Holy Basil (tulsi) and Italian sweet basil.Growing your own herbs indoors, hydroponically, and organically couldn't be any easier! | www.alldayieat.com

It takes a lot out of you when you are taking care of plants from the very beginning when they were seeds. And then, they unexpectedly die before you even get to try eating or propagating them. πŸ™

Life goes on. So, this past weekend, I restarted my Thai Holy Basil and Italian Sweet Basil.

These are the pictures from the first 3 days of growth. Look closely and witness the birth of these two basil plants. It’s like magic.


Day 1 (Holy Basil top, Italian Basil bottom) Notice the tiny little nubs that popped out of the seeds


Day 2 (Holy Basil top, Italian Basil bottom) Baby roots forming!


Day 3 (Holy Basil top, Italian Basil bottom) now with baby leaves! 


Can’t wait to eat their leaves after they get bigger!! I don’t know about you but it’s exciting to see how these plants start from seed!!

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10 thoughts on “Restarting my Aerogarden”

  1. Exciting indeed! I so love to see new plants popping through the soil. I wish you and your garden well! Happy new year!

  2. I found my sad basil plant creased and folded over. I thought it was a goner. I had to cut it in two places. Now I have three strong growing plants, better than before. I just pushed a hole into the earth with my finger, stuck in the stem, closed it back up, and they’re doing great! I’ve been waiting to tell you this for so long, since you’ve been on your trip. Didn’t want to bother you.

    1. that’s one of the best things about basil! it can be propagated with cuttings. you could even take more cuttings of your healthy plants to multiply them. i do it all the time. πŸ™‚

  3. Sorry you garden died out like that.
    I love plants but don’t have that green thumb.

    My herb garden tries….and fails lol

    I can’t believe how quickly it buds

    1. thank you! i think part of it may be because the seeds are fresh. also they grow even faster since its hydroponic !!

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