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Good eggs grocery delivery – a short story

Considering good eggs grocery delivery? if you’re in the bay area, los angles or orange county this is the BEST grocery delivery service available. here’s how my first experience went.

good eggs welcome

Why I decided to try grocery delivery by Good Eggs

I never thought I would need grocery delivery.

I used to enjoy going to the supermarket, browsing the aisles, picking out fresh produce, and chatting with the cashiers.

But everything changed when I had my Mari (my first kid).

Suddenly, I had no time for anything. Between feeding, changing, cleaning, my wife and I barely have any moments to ourselves.

Going to the grocery store became a hassle, a chore, a stressor.

I hated having to pack the diaper bag, strap the car seat, and deal with the traffic.

I hated having to push the stroller through the busy parking lot, crowded store, dodging carts and people.

I hated having to rush back home before the baby got hungry or cranky.

It gets exhausting, FAST.


How I Found Good Eggs

I had heard about Goodeggs.com from a friend who raved about their service.

She said they delivered fresh and organic groceries to her door (in Los Angeles) and they had a wide selection of products to choose from.

She said they also had convenient meals and meal kits and great customer service that made it worth every penny.

I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try.

I downloaded the Good eggs app and was pretty impressed by their variety and selection.

I added some items to my cart and checked out.

Here’s my first order

and no i didnt eat it all.

Mari did! 😉

I chose the earliest delivery window and waited for my order to arrive.

The next day, I heard a knock on the door.

good eggs delivery van

Guess who

It was the Good eggs driver with my groceries.

He was friendly and polite.

He handed me two boxes and said he’d pick them on my next delivery for recycling.

How about that?

He wished me a Good day and left.

I opened the boxes and was impressed by what I saw.


good eggs delivery box with fruit

Yes, it was a lot more than just some dirty looking citrus and a paper bag. ha! 

here’s an boxing of one of my orders :


Everything looked fresh and beautiful.

The fruits and vegetables were colorful and crisp.

Just like in the pictures .

I felt a surge of excitement and gratitude and couldn’t wait to try everything.

I realized that grocery delivery was not just a convenience, but a joy.

It saved me time, energy, and hassle.

It gave me more time to spend with Mari and my wife.

I’ve since decided to keep using Goodeggs.com for my grocery needs and became a member and so I could enjoy free delivery and other perks.

I recommend them to my friends and family and to you too, if you’re in their delivery areas.


In summary, grocery delivery changed my life for the better.

It made me appreciate fresh home cooked food more than ever and has added some precious peace of mind.

Maybe it will for you too.

here’s my referral link for $25 off your first good eggs order if you want to try it.

have you tried grocery delivery yet ?

let me know in the comments

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