All Day I Eat Turns 1 year old!!

All Day I Eat – like a shark is officially one year old!!


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To celebrate, I’ve put together a new logo and have also been working on some videos that I have shared below.


First, here’s a timelapseย of theย new logo


Have you ever grown your own microgreens?

Here’s another video I recently created. This one is on microgreens.

This video which illustrates how to plant and harvest microgreens in less than 1 minute!

French Press coffee with a hand grinder

For those of you who may not know, I roast my own coffee.

As a result, I’ve really started to rotate different brewing methods into my daily routine.

One of my favorites is French Press.

This video demonstrates how I make French Press coffeeย with theย Hario hand grinder.

I bought it specifically so I could grind coffee when I travel or camp in the backcountry!

Freshly ground coffee is key if you want to enjoy the optimal flavor of your coffee!

Waffle cones for your ice cream!!

Lastly, as we are rounding out the last month of summer, I’ve been making lots of ice cream and also making some good use of my waffle cone maker.

Of all the different variations I tried, this was one of my favorites.

Lemon poppy waffle cones!


What do you think? If you liked any of these let me know by leaving a comment + subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already!

Thank you to all who have supported me during the past year and here’s to another fun filled year of food, gardening, and travel!




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