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Best Wood for Cooking Utensils

The Best Wood for Cooking Utensils: Upgrade Your Kitchen!

Are you searching for the best wood for cooking utensils? Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through the top choices, each offering it’s unique qualities. From the durable and sustainable bamboo to the smooth and elegant olive wood, we’ve got you covered. Discover why beech, cherry, and walnut are also excellent

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Japanese style macaroni salad with ham

Simple Japanese Style Macaroni Salad with Ham: Flavorful Delight!

Today, what we will be making is a simple and quick Japanese-style pasta salad using macaroni pasta. Macaroni salad, Japanese-style What makes this macaroni pasta unique is that we’re using quite a lot of ingredients. I usually don’t put all these different seasonings in. But I thought the flavor turned out quite good Also, Japanese

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Chicken katsudon 4

Deliciously Irresistible Chicken Katsudon: Japanese Rice Bowl

What we’re gonna be making today is chicken katsudon! What is katsudon? Katsudon is a Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of katsu (breaded and fried pork/chicken cutlets), eggs, katsu sauce, and other ingredients. If you haven’t seen my recipe on how to make chicken katsu (chicken cutlets) yet, click here! So, what we’re gonna be

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5 flavors of Soymilk Latte

Irresistible Soy Milk Latte: 5 Japanese Recipes

Enjoy a good latte every now and then and curious about using soy milk along with some traditional Japanese flavors? Read on for 5 of my favorite ways to make soy milk lattes at home. It’s easier than you think!  why soy milk lattes? Soy milk and cow’s milk are both types of milk that

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Omusubi 3 ways angle view

Omusubi Recipes: Umeboshi, Tsukudani, and Tuna Delights

Today, what we’re going to be doing is making omusubi also known as onigiri. Which if you didn’t know, are rice balls that can be seasoned with either just salt, maybe soy sauce, shoyu, or filled with delicious fillings like we’re gonna be making today! Omusubi? Onigiri? Omusubi or onigiri are two different words for

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