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goma-ae-moyashi top view

Moyashi Goma-ae Recipe | Sweet Sesame Soy Mung Bean Sprouts

Goma-ae is a delicious way to eat many different vegetables. Some of my favorites include spinach, green beans and of course, these bean sprouts! It’s super easy to make and will make for a great way to start your Japanese meal! These little squiggly bites of goodness are called ‘moyashi’ ( もやし)in Japanese. Mung bean

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mentaiko pasta with olive oil and shiso top view

Mentaiko Pasta Recipe: Olive Oil & Shiso Delight

Yo Yo Yo! Pretty soon it’ll be ho ho ho! Can’t believe the year has gone by so fast. That’s what I say every year. Must mean I’m getting old. Slowly but surely. This past week I’ve been on a Japanese food kick. I hope it keeps me young. At least if I stick to

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Simple Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) Soup topview

Delicious Kabocha Soup Recipe | Easy Japanese Pumpkin Soup

I don’t know why but “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” popped into my head when I was thinking about pumpkins. If you don’t remember the song you can listen to and watch it here. According to Wikipedia, the lyrics are total nonsense. I wonder how many times the singer had to practice to get the sounds right!! So while

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coffee jelly

Irresistible Coffee Jelly Japanese Style with Cream

Japanese Style Coffee Jelly with Cream What better way to celebrate than with coffee jelly!! An ever so slightly sweet way to enjoy your favorite caffeine source!! Being the coffee aficionado that I am, I enjoy coffee in all it’s various forms. If you have never seen coffee jelly(コーヒーぜり) before, it’s something you see regularly in Japan.

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mentaiko pasta with nori on top - top view

Mentaiko Pasta: Olive Oil & Shiso Delight

Ohhh man. Mentaiko Pasta with Cream,  Shiso and Nori. So rich and savory. No pasta compares to the flavor and textures that are exemplified in this dish. 3 Main ingredients are cream, butter, and caviar. A dash of salt, a bit of mayo, topped with a bit of parmigiano reggiano, shiso (sesame leaf), nori (dried seaweed)

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japanese eggplant with miso glaze

Irresistible Japanese Eggplant Nasu Dengaku: Miso Glaze Delight

Japanese Eggplant (Nasu) Dengaku (茄子田楽) A super tasty way to prepare Japanese eggplant. If you’re not sure what dengaku might taste like, it’s a balance of sweet and salty, with a lot of umami. Miso goes well with all kinds of meats, fish and vegetables, eggplant is no exception. Furthermore, its good for you. If you ever go

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