Osaka's must-have treats.

Osaka: 5 delicious treats you shouldn’t miss

I’m living proof that Japanese people love to eat. Guilty as charged!  But even in the sushi-obsessed country of Japan, Osaka is the ultimate food hotspot. From fugu stews and yakiniku feasts, to savory pancakes and deep-fried snacks, you name it, they’ve got it. Below are five specialties—mostly famous, others controversial—that promise an adventure-filled food

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Okinawa activities for travelers.

Okinawa: 5 Epic Activities for Every Type of Traveler!

Despite being tucked away at the southernmost tip of Japan, Okinawa is a tourist magnet. Its tropical breeze, luxury beach resorts, diverse ecosystems, and emerging food scene pose a relaxing alternative to Tokyo. With so much to offer, all travelers are very much welcome here. Below are some ideas to do there to prove it!

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Okinawa's appetizing food and beverages.

Okinawa: 5 tempting food & drinks you should treat yourself to

Ah, Okinawan food. I bet you’re scratching your head trying to define it! Due to its location and long history of trade, the gastronomic influences from China, Korea, Southeast Asia, and the United States shaped a new cuisine that’s quite different—in the best way—from the rest of Japan’s culinary delights. What I’m saying is: you

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Delicious hokkaido food specialties.

Ultimate Japan Foodie Guide: Delicious Food Specialties of Hokkaido

Traveling for food? You’re just like me. Get excited for your next culinary adventure!  Your destination is Hokkaido, where vegetables have their own festivals, hybrid fruits are highly prized, fresh seafood abounds, and dairy is at its most decadent. Get started on planning your fun, food-filled vacation in Japan’s northernmost prefecture with some of my

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5 fun summer activities in Hokkaido for a memorable vacation.

Hokkaido: 5 fun summer activities for a memorable vacation

Hokkaido is a breath of fresh air from Japan’s bustling, and sometimes overstimulating large cities.  Pristine lakes, fruit farms, lavender fields, and hearty foods have made it people’s summer home away from home. Others often visit to experience it with friends, families, and their romantic partners. Will you be next?  Here are just some of

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Best summer destinations in Hokkaido for 2023.

Best Places to Visit in Hokkaido, Japan During Summer (2023)

Hokkaido is a dream destination for people seeking a more relaxed vacation in Japan. Japan’s northernmost island is rife with unspoiled lakes, heritage sites, food festivals, and coastal villages.  Summer reveals nature in full bloom, and is a great time to go sightseeing. It can also be a pretty busy season too! So to make

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Shimantogawa river all day i east like a shark

Shimantogawa, Kochi: Japan’s Last Remaining Limpid Stream

 Did you know that Shimantogawa (四万十川) or the Shimanto River is also the longest river in Shikoku? Where is Shimantogawa, Kochi? Shimantogawa (四万十川) or the Shimanto River is a 196-kilometer stretch found in the western area of Japan’s Kochi Prefecture. Its Japanese kanji characters mean it’s “Japan’s last remaining limpid stream”. Visitors will see the

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osaka station

9 Tips for Taking The Train in Japan

Planning to visit Japan soon? Today I’ll be going over 9 tips for taking the train during your next visit to a major Japanese city… Watch the video or read below for a few of my tips! JR Railpass  This is a good option to get around, especially for long distances where you need to take

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