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Aerogarden Thai Basil and Italian Sweet Basil Week 4 update

4 weeks has just passed since I started my basil plants in my Aerogarden. The Thai holy basil (also known as Tulsi) for some reason, has already started to flower. It’s barely 6 inches tall!! So I cut off the preflower tips to force it to grow more leafy. Just from rubbing the leaves you can get a good sense of how pungent and peppery it will be. Really looking forward to using the Thai Holy Basil leaves for Thai Basil chicken. The Italian Sweet basil is just as aromatic and I plan to use most of it for Margherita pizza and pastas. I can’t wait!

Though both basils are growing well, the Italian sweet basil is going a little faster. The Italian basil was tall enough that it was growing against the light fixture above it. This indicates two things: the light needs to be raised a little and the plants need to be pruned.

I make my cuts just above the nodes where baby leaves are growing out. That way, those leaves will grow out and potentially form branches with more leaves. I then use the cuttings to make more new plants and will write about that in the next week or so.

So hopefully this video shows you that growing hydroponic with the Aerogarden is easy. It’s also cleaner, more efficient and faster than the dirt. No bugs. It uses less water. And, due to the efficiency of hydroponics, I already have a harvest 4 weeks into planting!

If you are considering getting the Aerogarden, you can read my Aerogarden review here. Otherwise, stay tuned for another update in a couple weeks! Lastly, please share if you have any comments or questions on the Aerogarden. Thanks for reading!


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