koji butter

What Is Koji Butter

Find out how koji butter, a unique fermented butter, elevates dishes with its rich, umami flavor—discover the secret behind this culinary delight.

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Chirashizushi: The Celebratory Dish of Scattered Sushi

Introduction Chirashizushi, often referred to as “scattered sushi,” is a vibrant and colorful Japanese dish where sushi rice is topped with an array of ingredients, typically including a mix of vegetables, seafood, and garnishes. Unlike the more familiar rolled sushi, chirashizushi is served in a bowl, showcasing its ingredients in a festive display that is

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Kinako Ice Cream with Kuromitsu

Irresistible Kuromitsu: How to Make Black Sugar Syrup

Kuromitsu is a Japanese simple syrup made from black sugar harvested in Okinawa. It’s got an extremely sweet and complex flavor that’ll add both character and sweetness to any dish you desire. What is Kuromitsu (Black Sugar Syrup) Black sugar syrup, also known as Kuromitsu, is a sweet and distinctive Japanese syrup made from unrefined

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enoki mushroom amasuzuke closeup

Delicious Enoki Mushroom Amasuzuke: Sweet Vinegar Otsukemono Recipe

otsukemono (japanese pickles) as you may know, otsukemono is the Japanese word for Japanese pickles. otsukemono comes in many different flavors, as well as forms, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. some of the simplest otsukemono tend to be made with very few ingredients, namely the vegetable that you’re going to be pickling, as well as the

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enoki mushroom wasabi ankake

Irresistible Enoki Mushroom Ankake with Wasabi Recipe

What are enoki mushrooms and why is it good for you? Enoki mushrooms are long, thin mushrooms with small caps and a delicate texture. They are low in calories and fat, high in fiber and essential nutrients like potassium, copper, and vitamin B5. Enoki mushrooms also contain antioxidants that can boost immunity and have potential

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