8 reasons why i cook – sharkbites S1 EP3

why do you cook?

if not, why don’t you cook?

in this video i talk about some of the reason for why i cook! ๐Ÿ˜›

if you’re interested in learning more about me, read on or watch the video below!



1. i enjoy eating and food. i live in orange county and the restaurants in orange county aren’t what you would associate with a foodie heaven, like some of the major cities – new york, san francisco, or tokyo. so that’s one reason why i cook

2. so because of the limited options in my area, there’s food that i wouldn’t be able to eat unless i cook it myself

3. i love working with my hands. when i was kid legos were some of my favorite things to play with, especially the pirate and space themes.

4. i love being creative and creating something that never existed before. after college i realized rather than being a biology major, chemistry might have been a better route focus. since you’re creating new molecules that never existed before

5. i enjoy the challenge of cooking, it’s a continual learning process. sometimes the dishes come out, sometimes they don’t and i’m always getting to improve, try and learn something new

6. you can make your food healthy. for example, control the amount of oil and also the type- so i enjoy the peppery kick of extra virgin olive oil and i use it in almost all my foods. i also cut back on the salt and sugar or soy sauce you might need for seasoning, as well as use organic produce as much as i can. another thing you can do to balance the flavors or bring them out, without using extra salt or sugar is by adding some acidity like vinegar or lemon juice for example.

7. it’s a learning process and i enjoy learning! though i cook a lot of japanese food, i enjoy trying different cuisines from around the world, indian being one of my favorites!

8. it saves you money, cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out, especially if you’re eating at a nice place or something like sushi which tends to be expensive.


๐Ÿค” Question of the day#1 recognize the clip of the place @3 min and 50 seconds??

#2 do you have any of these reasons in common? did i miss any?

leave your guess in a comment below!


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