aerogarden thai italian basil week 5

Aerogarden Thai Holy Basil and Italian Sweet basil update Week 5 and week 9!!

So…. I have some bad news. While I was away for a week, my Aerogarden ran out of water. All 7 of my basil plants died. The reality of aerogardening.

I knew I should have taken a few cuttings and raised the light a little before I left, but I didn’t. The only measure I took was topping off the reservoir. But that wasn’t enough. (The reservoir holds a little over 3 gallons of water when full, as the plants get bigger I water more often. Usually about 2 times per week. Since I was gone for more than a week that means it could have been dry for around 4-5 days)

When I came back the reservoir was bone dry and the basil brown and wilted. Scroll to the very bottom to see what I came home to 🙁

The last shot I took was at their week 5, when they were strong and healthy.

So, lesson learned is harvest a bit  and unplug the lights completely. Move to a window so it still gets some light.

Without as many leaves, the basil wouldn’t breathe out as much moisture. The same goes with the light which was directly above the plants and touching the top portions of the plant. Hence my reasoning to have left it off.

But look what I found today – an extra reservoir for the Aerogarden. Maybe I will buy this now and restart my seeds so I have an abundance of basil in a few weeks!!!

On the bright side, the basil grows quickly and I have enough seeds to start over again. Will keep you updated!


aerogarden thai italian basil week 5 front

aerogarden thai italian basil week 5


aerogarden basil dead

Read more in my previous post or on my  gardening page.

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