Ice-blended mocha in vitamix blender

how to make frappuccinos at home -ice-blended mocha edition (better than starbucks!)

Need a frosty pick-me-up that’ll give you the energy to conquer the day? 

Look no further than the ice-blended mocha frappuccino, the delicious concoction that’s equal parts coffee and dessert. 

It’s the perfect way to indulge your sweet tooth while still getting your caffeine fix. 

So grab a straw, sit back, and get ready to sip on the ultimate treat!

What is an Ice-Blended Mocha Frappuccino?

Ice-blended mocha frappuccino is a cold and refreshing drink made by blending or shaking together ingredients to create a deliciously frothy and flavorful beverage.

It is a delicious coffee-based beverage that is perfect for those who love the taste of coffee and chocolate. 

Imagine a creamy, icy drink that combines the bold flavor of coffee with the sweetness of chocolate. 

It’s the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day or when you need an energizing pick-me-up.

One of the best things about ice-blended mocha frappe is that it’s versatile. 

You can enjoy it as a midday treat, a dessert, or even as a breakfast substitute if you’re in a rush. 

It’s perfect for those who love the taste of coffee but want something a little more exciting than just a regular cup of joe.

Ready to know more about this Frappucino?

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Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup as ingredient in ice-blended mocha frappuccino


Key Ingredients in Making Ice-Blended Mocha Frappuccino

Here are the key ingredients that you need to make a delicious ice-blended mocha frappuccino:

Chilled Espresso

It’s the base of most coffee drinks, and it’s what gives the ice-blended mocha frappuccino its strong and robust flavor. 

The chilled espresso adds a rich, smooth taste to the drink, and it’s what makes it so refreshing.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a plant-based milk that’s made by blending almonds and water.

It’s a great alternative to regular milk because it’s lactose-free and has fewer calories. 

The unsweetened and unflavored almond milk used in this recipe helps to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients and gives the drink a creamy texture.

Dark Chocolate Syrup

Dark chocolate syrup is a thick and rich syrup made from dark chocolate. 

It adds a deep chocolate flavor to the drink and complements the bitterness of the espresso. 

Using high-quality dark chocolate syrup ensures that the drink is not too sweet and has a distinct chocolate taste. 

I use my favorite brand which is Hershey’s Syrup.


Sugar is an optional ingredient in this recipe, as it depends on how sweet you want your drink to be. 

However, it’s important to remember not to overdo it with the sugar, as the dark chocolate syrup already adds some sweetness to the drink. 

Adding just a small amount of sugar will enhance the flavors and create a perfectly balanced drink.


Lastly, the ice is what makes this drink refreshing and enjoyable. 

The ice helps to cool down the drink and gives it a slushy texture. 

Make sure to use enough ice, as it’s the key to achieving the perfect consistency of the drink. 

Don’t worry if you have some leftover ice, you can save it for your next drink!

Ice-blended Mocha Frappuccino


Tips for Making Your Frappuccino Last Longer

Are you tired of your ice-blended mocha frappuccino turning into a liquid mess in no time? 

Fear not, as I’ve got some secret tips to help your drink stay chilled and delicious for longer.

  1. Get an Insulated Mug

    One of the best ways to keep your drink cold is to use an insulated mug.
    But not just any mug – I recommend investing in a Snow Peak stainless insulated mug or their milk bottle.
    The milk bottle works even better than the mug, keeping your drink colder for longer periods.
    Using an insulated container will prevent your frappe from turning into a liquid coffee mess, and Snow Peak’s products are designed to do just that.

  2. Reusable Straw

    Straws are more than just a convenient way to sip your drink.
    It can also improve the taste of your beverage.
    Consider investing in glass straws or stainless steel straws that you can reuse.
    However, if you’re like me that don’t like nor enjoy the sensation of a hard metal straw in your mouth, that’s where glass straws come in handy.
    Glass straws are easy to clean and don’t affect the taste of your drink, and they’re great for all kinds of beverages.

  3. Extra Ice

    If you’re wondering what to do with that leftover ice from your frappe, don’t toss it away just yet.
    Put it in the mug or bottle along with your frappe to help keep everything cooler for longer.
    You’ll be surprised how well this works.
    If you keep the lid on the container, it can stay icy for up to eight hours.

  4. Use a Good Blender

    Finally, using a good blender can make a huge difference in the quality of your frappuccino.
    Make sure to blend all ingredients evenly and well to achieve that perfect texture.
    I recommend using a Vitamix blender with a smaller 32-ounce container for easier use and cleaning.

Pat Tokuyama showing Snow Peak stainless insulated mug to be used in ice-blended mocha



Why Starbucks Doesn’t Want You to Know This Secret: Making a Healthier and Cheaper Frappuccino at Home!

You’d probably agree-  Starbucks Frappuccinos are a delicious and refreshing coffee-based drink that combines espresso, milk, and ice. 

It’s a popular beverage enjoyed by many coffee lovers around the world, especially during the summer months. 

While Frappuccinos are commonly purchased at coffee shops like Starbucks, making them at home can be a much better option. 

Plus it tastes better, is more affordable but also healthier and more customizable than purchasing one at Starbucks.


One of the most significant benefits of making a Frappuccino at home is that it’s much more cost-effective. 

A single serving of a Frappuccino at Starbucks can cost upwards of $5, depending on your location and the size of the drink, plus TIP if you’re in the USA.

By comparison, making a Frappuccino at home can cost you as little as $1 per serving.

Requires few ingredients only

Making a Frappuccino at home requires only a few ingredients, including espresso or strong brewed coffee, milk, ice cubes, and a blender.

These ingredients are readily available at your local grocery store and can be used to make multiple servings.

This means you can enjoy a delicious Frappuccino without breaking the bank.

Control over the ingredients

Another reason why making a Frappuccino at home is better than purchasing one at Starbucks is that you have complete control over the ingredients.

When you make a Frappuccino at home, you can use high-quality espresso and choose the type of milk you prefer, whether it’s organic, almond, or soy.

This allows you to customize your drink to your taste preferences and dietary needs.

Control sweetness and additional flavorings

Additionally, making a Frappuccino at home allows you to control the amount of sugar and flavorings you use.

Starbucks Frappuccinos are known to be high in sugar, which can be detrimental to your health if consumed regularly.

By making a Frappuccino at home, you can adjust the amount of sugar and flavorings to your liking, making it a healthier option.


Konnichiwa! (Hello!) I'm Pat Tokuyama, a Japanese tofu cookbook author, who travels for music, food, and adventure. If you like Japanese tea, checkout some of the newestorganic japanese tea, matcha bowls and noren and more!

** Curious about the Plant Based Japanese Cooking Club? ** Learn more here!


Customize your drink

Finally, making a Frappuccino at home allows you to customize your drink to your liking.

Starbucks offers a limited selection of flavors and toppings, whereas making your Frappuccino at home allows you to experiment with different flavors and toppings.

For example, you can add REAL vanilla extract, dark chocolate sauce, or salted whipped cream to your Frappuccino to create a unique flavor profile that suits your taste buds.

Pat Tokuyama putting straw in ice blended mocha frappucino


In conclusion, making a Frappuccino at home is simple and delicious to do.

If I was successful at all perhaps next time you’ll try it instead of purchasing one at Starbucks.

Just be careful not to spill it on your shirt, or you might end up with a stylish chocolate stain that even the most fashionable barista can’t fix!

Until next time, cheers to sipping on our favorite icy caffeinated blends.

Watch the full video of the recipe here.

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Konnichiwa! (Hello!) I'm Pat Tokuyama, a Japanese tofu cookbook author, who travels for music, food, and adventure. If you like Japanese tea, checkout some of the newestorganic japanese tea, matcha bowls and noren and more!

** Curious about the Plant Based Japanese Cooking Club? ** Learn more here!


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