Plant Based Japanese Food Made Simple Community

plant based japanese food made simple community

A new community for plant based home cooks who want to enjoy eating and cooking Japanese food  

Join the Plant Based Japanese Food Made Simple Community

Your place to:

  • meet people who also like to eat and cook plant based Japanese food
  • ask your questions and learn all about plant based foods, with an emphasis on Japanese food
  • share your own cooking adventures with pictures and hashtag #YATTA
  • share your trip reports to Japan or ask for recommendations
  • access an ever growing list of Japanese cooking and travel resources
  • And maybe a few LIVE cooking sessions with pat tokuyama too!

Group rules

  • 👍Share your recipes, pictures, videos, travel experiences, stories etc. If it’s anything that’s related to Japan, and plant based foods, you can share it in this group.
  • 👍Sharing your own kitchen and travel adventures is one way you can inspire others as it relates to travel, learning, and cooking Japanese cuisine so share away!
  • 👍There are no stupid questions and we are all here to learn and help each other, that’s what community is about.
  • 👍Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • 👎 Zero tolerance for complaining, negativity, rudeness, spamming or self-promotion, market research etc.
You’ll be banned without warning for any type of disrespectful behavior. if you have a question on whether or not something can be posted ask an admin!

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