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Aerogarden Thai Holy Basil and Italian Basil Update Day 35 and 45

My Aerogarden is on fiyahhhh!!! (Fire.) Meaning it’s doing really well. We just passed day 45 (above) and I’ve already taken two harvests of the Italian basil. The Thai holy basil was going a bit slow and finally caught up!   Here is how the Thai holy basil and Italian sweet basil looked at day

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Restarting my Aerogarden

I finally have overcome my deep depression after my Aerogarden herbs died while I was out of town last year. After that traumatic event, I needed a little break. It takes a lot out of you when you are taking care of plants from the very beginning when they were seeds. And then, they unexpectedly

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Aerogarden Thai Basil and Italian Sweet Basil Week 4 update

4 weeks has just passed since I started my basil plants in my Aerogarden. The Thai holy basil (also known as Tulsi) for some reason, has already started to flower. It’s barely 6 inches tall!! So I cut off the preflower tips to force it to grow more leafy. Just from rubbing the leaves you can get a good

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Aerogarden Basil – Thai Holy and Italian Sweet Basil Regrow #3

This is my third round of planting on the Aerogarden. This time I am using the Aerogarden basil is probably the easiest thing to grow, at least in my experience. This time I am trying to grow Thai Holy Basil and Italian Sweet Basil. Since basil seems to do best, this round I am only growing basil. I’m

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An Aerogarden Ultra LED planter with basil growing in it next to a window.

Aerogarden Ultra LED Review

Growing with the Aerogarden This is my Aerogarden Ultra LED. I’ve had it for about 1.5 years now. In the picture above, there are 2 basil plants in the front with a tomato in between and two tomato plants in the back. The Aerogarden system is as easy as it gets growing plants hydroponically. Hydroponics means that you are

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