Daidokoro V2 – The NEW Japanese Kitchen


A NEW community for foodies  interested in Japanese cooking and more! 

daidokoro v2 community all day i eat like a shark

As you may know, Daidokoro was the name of the facebook group i created several years ago to bring people together around cooking japanese food. Since then, things have evolved.

in addition to the Japanese cooking club, i’ve decided to create a new community as an extension.

as you guys voted, this new community will also be called daidokoro (japanese word for kitchen).

this week only, joining this community as a founding member will be at no charge. in the future there will be a small annual fee.

if youre interested in joining, please read through the below before clicking the link to register at the bottom of the page. 

if you join as a founding member, the only thing I ask is that you participate.

to keep things simple, here are few ideas for what i mean and how you can contribute :

  1. for example –
    1. share your recipes, tips, comments
    2. ask a question or answer one
    3. share your photos of food, travel, or cooking related things 
    4. share your honest opinions and constructive criticisms to bring out the best in people and make this a community unlike any other

for the time being, here’s what I envision for daidokoro V2 to be –  your place to:

  • discover more about Japan from the comfort of your own home
    • meet your new friends – people just like you who also like to eat and cook Japanese food, travel and grow like a tree
    • ask questions and learn all about Japanese food, culture and travel
    • get exclusive access to online cooking classes with Pat and downloadable Japanese recipes 
  • share your own adventures
    • your cooking and recreations (food pictures) 
    • your most recent travels, reading and other adventures that would contribute to the community
  • earn shark teeth based on your participation in the community
    • whether it’s a photo from a dish you’ve cooked, a helpful comment or just participating in a conversation- the shark teeth are points you can accumulate and  redeem for cash in the all day i eat shop
  • and this is just to start…
    • i think things will be dynamic and change over time as it evolves.

Join the Daidokoro Community as a founding member now

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