Tofu Ryouri - Simple Japanese tofu recipes
to eat healthier at home

Hi! I’m Pat Tokuyama, creator of all day i eat like a shark, a weekly blog/youtube channel, where I show you how to cook Japanese with videos each Wednesday.

On October 3, I published my first cookbook on Japanese tofu on Amazon. If you’d like to get notified of special offers on my Tofu Ryouri cookbook and Tofu Ryouri online cooking program, sign up below!

Tofu ryouri (豆腐料理) in Japanese means cooking with tofu.

That’s what this book will be about!

There will be over 30 delicious recipes that’ll get you eating more healthy and nutritious tofu. (The majority of which are vegan/vegetarian!)

But it won’t just be recipes, I’ll also be including some videos that show you exactly how to put these dishes together too.

Here’s the official book trailer-


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the recipes that’ll be included (scroll down for the pics)-

1. How to make dashi with katsuobushi and konbu

2. How to make dashi with konbu

3. How to make tsukudani (seasoned konbu, reusing your dashi konbu)

4. Hiyayakko – cold tofu 9 different ways

5. Shiraae – tofu dressed vegetables 3 different ways

6. Tofu salads -with 3 different dressings

7. Misodengaku (white and red miso glaze) baked tofu

8. Ankakedoufu – warm tofu with a dashi and soy based sauce

9. Atsuage – deep fried tofu teriyaki

10. Chikuzennni – simmered vegetables with atsuage in a dashi based broth

11. Tofu karaage – marinated deep fried tofu

12. Tofu steaks 3 different ways

13. Tosayaki – pan fried tofu cubes coated with katsuobushi flakes

14. Tsukune- chicken tofu skewers with kabayaki sauce

15. Mapotofu- Japanese style version of the classic Szechuan dish

16. Iridoufu – Japanese style ‘tofu scramble’

17. Tonnyuu nabe – soymilk hotpot with tofu

18. Gyoza with tofu and moyashi

19. Tofu hamburger – with chicken and renkon

20. Nikudoufu – simmered tofu and beef in a dashi soy based broth

and more! 

I wrote this cookbook to help you eat more delicious and nutritious tofu

Who’s Tofu Ryouri for ?

This book may be for you if…

you like tofu but are tired of the same old recipes and want something new 

you want to get started cooking Japanese food, but aren’t sure how 

you’re have some experience cooking Japanese but not much with tofu 

you’ve been to Japan and want to recreate authentic Japanese flavors at home 

you’re curious about cooking and or cooking with tofu 

you’re serious about improving your cooking 

you consider yourself a foodie 

you enjoy learning and trying new things 

you like a challenge 

you’re interested in eating healthier, but also tasty foods that are easy to prepare 

you don’t have time to cook all day or night and like simple recipes 

Who Tofu Ryouri isn’t for

This book is not for you if…

you don’t like tofu or soy based foods 

you don’t like Japanese foods or flavors 

you don’t like to follow recipes/directions 

you aren’t looking to eat healthier 

you aren’t interested in learning

you don’t like cooking 

you enjoy meat-centric dishes 


After eating with your eyes and reading the above… you think you’re still interested?

I have some exciting news for you!

You can get the ebook at a discounted price of $2.99 (Reg. price $9.99) between October 11-18.

On October 19, the price will again increase and each week thereafter. Don’t wait!

Get your copy now! 

Alternatively, sign up below for special offers and discounts on the Tofu Ryouri cookbook and online cooking program.

And I promise not to spam you or in my next life, I will have to worry about someone eating me as a spam omusubi (rice ball). Ouch! 

Pat Tokuyama
-creator of all day i eat like a shark

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