Discover new ways to cook Japanese tofu

Tofu Ryouri features over 30 delicious Japanese tofu recipes
many of which you won't find in restaurants!

Not sure if this book is for you?

Who is Tofu Ryouri for ? 
This book may be for you if… 
–  you want to get started cooking Japanese food, but aren’t sure how 
–  you have some experience cooking Japanese food, but not much with tofu 
–  you’ve been to Japan and want to recreate authentic Japanese flavors at home 
–  you’re curious about cooking and/or cooking with tofu 
–  you like tofu but are tired of the same old recipes and want something new 
–  you want to improve your cooking skills
–  you consider yourself a foodie 
–  you enjoy learning and trying new things 
–  you like a challenge 
–  you want to eat more sustainably
–  you want to eat healthier, tasty foods that are easy to prepare 

Who Tofu Ryouri is NOT for –
This book may not be for you if… 
–  you don’t like tofu or soy based foods 
–  you don’t like Japanese foods or flavors 
–  you don’t like cooking 
–  you feel like you have enough recipes and cookbooks
–  you aren’t looking to eat healthier 
–  you aren’t interested in learning or stepping out of your comfort zone
–  you enjoy cooking without recipes
–  you enjoy meat-centric dishes

If you think this book is for you...
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Here's a peek at some of the videos
that go with the recipes in the book - Tofu Ryouri

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