Above and Beyond – Group Therapy 250

Above and Beyond – Group Therapy

What is group therapy you ask?

Well, it’s Above and Beyond‘s weekly radio show where they showcase new music. You can subscribe to it on iTunes or access them on Soundcloud.

Group Therapy is also the name of one of their artist albums released a few years ago.

The name has since caught on and they’ve grown quite a fan base, not only for the concept, but also the music they and their labels produce.

I first came across Above and Beyond in 2006, they had released a single “Can’t Sleep” which to be honest I didn’t really like at the time. (I actually still don’t like it ha!)

But they had other tracks that grabbed my attention and I’ve been a fan ever since!

They even influenced me to visit Goa, India which is the place that they say led to the name of their label, Anjunabeats. (Anjuna is the name of a beach in Goa).

After finally making it there in 2012, I saw with my own eyes how that place could be as transformative as it was for them.

If you ever make it over to India, it’s a place definitely worth considering,

There’s no other place like it!

ABGT 250

Each year (every 50 episodes of the radio show) they hold a large live event, like the one we went to, at different locations around the world.

They finally made it to the West Coast and to the Gorge of all places, so I knew we would have to go!

The Gorge was absolutely one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever been to. (And I think I’ve been to a lot!)

Wayyy better than I expected.

Looking at the stage, you have a large expansive canyon in the background.

Add on some good music, a long and orange sunset, and you are set!!

Here is a short video of our journey and some highlights from the weekend. Enjoy!!

They said they’ll be posting most of the videos and sets in the next few weeks, so I’d make sure to follow them on social media if you fancy their music!

If you’re interested to hear more, they have a two separate labels. Anjunabeats for trance and Anjunadeep for deep house.

They’ve got a lot of content on Youtube where you can also explore to your hearts content.



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