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Hajimemashite! (初めまして!)Nice to meet you!

I’m Pat Tokuyama and I’m glad you found me. I help home cooks like you learn how to make Japanese food.

Thanks to the power of books, I’ve adjusted my diet and cooking habits to incorporate more plant-based foods such as whole grains, soy and in particular tofu.

This cookbook is my way of giving back to the world with my own book.

Tofu Ryouri celebrates the might little tofu block, Japanese style!

In this book, I share my knowledge of Japanese food, while at the same time inspiring and guiding you on a tasty tofu journey to Japan.

Tofu Ryouri is a collection of both traditional and contemporary Japanese tofu recipes.

This book was created to help both seasoned and aspiring home cooks to improve their cooking skills, learn about Japanese cuisine, eat more healthy and more sustainably.

The best part?

Transporting yourself to Japan, without ever leaving the comfort of your kitchen!

Just imagine, all the delicate and delicious aromas and flavors Japanese food is known for!

This tofu cookbook features over 30 recipes, tried and tested by a second-generation Japanese-American with a passion for food and teaching.

The majority of the recipes take 30 minutes or less to complete, with exceptions such as gyoza taking a little longer. (think about all those gyoza skins to fill, or better, that you’ll get to eat!)

Hungry yet?

Read below for a few more details and watch the official book trailer-

Here’s a look at the recipes that are part of the book-

1. How to make dashi with katsuobushi and konbu

2. How to make dashi with konbu

3. How to make tsukudani (seasoned konbu, reusing your dashi konbu)

4. Hiyayakko – cold tofu 9 different ways

5. Shiraae – tofu dressed vegetables 3 different ways

6. Tofu salads -with 3 different dressings

7. Misodengaku (white and red miso glaze) baked tofu

8. Ankakedoufu – warm tofu with a dashi and soy based sauce

9. Atsuage – deep fried tofu teriyaki

10. Chikuzennni – simmered vegetables with atsuage in a dashi based broth

11. Tofu karaage – marinated deep fried tofu

12. Tofu steaks 3 different ways

13. Tosayaki – pan fried tofu cubes coated with katsuobushi flakes

14. Tsukune- chicken tofu skewers with kabayaki sauce

15. Mapotofu- Japanese style version of the classic Szechuan dish

16. Iridoufu – Japanese style ‘tofu scramble’

17. Tonnyuu nabe – soymilk hotpot with tofu

18. Gyoza with tofu and moyashi

19. Tofu hamburger – with chicken and renkon

20. Nikudoufu – simmered tofu and beef in a dashi soy based broth

and more!

japanese tofu steak salad with mizuna and myoga
japanese tofu with katsuobushi flakes dried bonito
shiraae with green beans
asparagus shira ae with japanese tofu
chikuzenni japanese stew nimono with atsuage deep fried tofu
tofu salad with sesame vinaigrette
ankakedoufu japanese tofu with dashi ankake bowl
tofu donburi with dashi ankake sauce and green onions
tofu chicken tsukune with kabayaki sauce-6
nikudoufu japanese stew nimono with dashi beef tofu and shirataki-3
mapo tofu bowl closeup-2
kinugoshi tofu karaage japanese deep fried tofu-5
Shiso umeboshi hiyayakko cold tofu with soy sauce vinegar
japanese soy milk hot pot tonyuu nabe with pork and tofu-2
japanese tofu hamburger-2
japanese tofu salad with tonyuu soymilk dressing with tomatoes and kaiware
japanese tofu scramble iridoufu with dashi-2
japanese tofu shiraae with spinach shirataki carrots and dashi-2
hiyayakko japanese cold tofu with soy sauce and yuzukosho

Tofu ryouri (豆腐料理) in Japanese means cooking with tofu.

There are over 30 delicious recipes that’ll get you eating more healthy and nutritious tofu. (The majority of which are vegan/vegetarian!)

Is eating less meat something you’ve ever considered?

If so tofu is one way you can make that a reality, and a tasty one at that!

I wrote this cookbook to help you eat more delicious and nutritious tofu

Who’s Tofu Ryouri for ?

This book may be for you if…

Here’s a look inside

All day i eat like a shark shop

About the author

Pat’s journey started when he sprained his ankle after surfing and was unable to walk in the summer of 2016. During this time, he started a food blog ‘All day i eat like a shark’ and read a lot of books on the topics of food. Several of these books significantly changed his perspective on and relationship with, food. The biggest changes included eating less meat, eating more organic and in season foods, and cooking on a regular basis.

He credits these books for the personal transformation in his eating and cooking habits. Though he knew it in his heart, he realized the power books can have on one’s life and wanted to give back in his own unique way.

Given one of his favorite cuisines was Japanese and within that, tofu – an idea for this cookbook was soon born. What soon followed was an ambition to make this no ordinary cookbook, but one with a video component.

Videos with each recipe? Yes please!

So with this cookbook he’s created a video to go along with each recipe. These can be found in the Tofu Ryouri online experience, for those who wish to continue learning beyond the material covered in the book.

He’s in this for the long haul and wants to build something bigger than himself. With the hope that this endeavor will help others improve their diet, enjoy the food they eat, while also learning about Japanese culture, cuisine, and leading a healthier and longer life.

Tofu Ryouri is a book centered around Japanese style tofu dishes. It’s perfect for people trying to eat less meat, or plant-based cuisine, without completely eliminating meat or fish from the diet. And that’s still an option however.

Almost all of the dishes are dairy-free, while a good portion are vegetarian or meat-free. People who are tired of eating the same old Japanese cuisine may be in for a pleasant surprise.

The majority of the recipes in this book are not available in Japanese restaurants in the US.

In Japan, they may be available in tofu specialty restaurants. But even those may be difficult to find unless you’re in a city like Kyoto, where tofu is a traditional specialty.

So, if you’re the type of person who wants to take control of their diet and discover a new way to cook, Tofu Ryouri might be just what you were looking for.

There’s only one way to find out and we’ll be right here waiting.

Whenever you’re ready to take the next step, Tofu Ryouri will be ready to show you the way.

Yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu (宜しくお願い致します -Japanese greeting – let’s be good to each other)


patrick with blue green background

All day i eat like a shark shop

If you prefer you can also purchase Tofu Ryouri on Amazon –

Get the Tofu Ryouri ecookbook or paperback now on Amazon!

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PPS If you’re more of a visual learner, check out the new Tofu Ryouri online experience

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