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5 Japanese meals in 5 days eCookbook


5 Japanese meals in 5 days eCookbook




5 Japanese meals in 5 day eCookbook

The Japanese cookbook that goes with my 5 day training series

Learn how to make

  1. two types of Japanese dashi
    1. konbu mizudashi method
    2. konbu nidashi method
    3. konbu and katsuobushi traditional method
  2. Oyakodon (parent child rice bowl) with dashi
  3. Iridoufu (stir fried tofu) with dashi
  4. Sukiyaki (beef hot pot) with dashi
  5. Yakiudon (vegetarian stir fried udon noodles)
  6. Kenchinjiru (vegetable soup)
  7. Genmai takikomigohan (seasoned brown rice with vegetables)
  8. King salmon 3 ways
    1. mirinzuke (mirin marinade)
    2. shiokojiyaki (shiokoji marinade)
    3. muniere (French style with butter soy sauce)
  9. Ingen gomaae (green beans with sesame soy dressing)
  10. Tofu salad (with ginger sesame soy dressing)
  11. Yakionigiri (seasoned and grilled rice balls)
  12. Omusubi (rice balls with various fillings)




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5 Japanese meals in 5 days eCookbook