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shoyu vs soy sauce all day i eat like a shark

Shoyu vs soy sauce: what to use for cooking

Shoyu vs soy sauce Let’s get one thing straight. ‘Shoyu’ is the Japanese word for soy sauce. There are many different types of soy sauce, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. They are not all one and the same. But as you may know for Japanese soy sauces, ‘shoyu’ is really just a broad

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Salad with shiokoji dressing at the side

Shiokoji Salad Dressing | Simple Salad with tofu ‘cheese’

would you enjoy a simple Japanese salad? how about if you got to enjoy it with one of the tastiest japanese style dressings? today we’re making one of my favorites with my favorite fermented ingredient – shiokoji. Shiokoji Salad Dressing made simple I have a couple of special ingredients that you may not have had

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Shirataki vegetable soup japanese style soup

Shirataki noodle soup with vegetables (and dashi)

  Vegetable soup with shirataki noodles do you enjoy the vehicle or the flavor? why not both? here’s a light and flavorful vegetable noodle soup where you can actually taste the ingredients for what they are. if you eat a lot of vegetables perhaps you enjoy the natural flavors they provide. sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter

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Shirataki noodle vegetable stir fry (Japanese recipe) 

Shirataki noodle vegetable stir fry (Japanese recipe) 

Here’s a new shirataki noodle recipe for you to try – shirataki noodles cooked with a colorful vegetable medley, lightly stir fried with a subtle accent of sesame flavor and aroma.   Shirataki noodle stir fry like i mentioned in my previous post, shirataki noodles (miracle noodles) can be seasoned in various ways these stir fried

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Ichijuu sansai shojin ryouri mt koya japan

Japanese side dishes | 5 things to avoid doing with Okazu

5 things to avoid next time you’re making a Japanese side dish, also known as okazu.   Japanese side dishes We’re gonna be talking about five things to avoid doing next time you make your Japanese side dishes so that they can be a beautiful and delicious success. Plus, I got a new technique for

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Konnyaku with King mushroom and sweet savory soy sauce plated

Konnyaku with King mushroom and sweet savory soy sauce (Japanese style)

looking for a new and tasty way to enjoy those jiggly konnyaku blocks? here’s one of my favorite Japanese recipes that calls for king mushroom and konyakku together! how about that? Konnyaku and King mushrooms together  curious what konnyaku and king mushroom (eryngii) have  in common? both of these tasty ingredients have a few things

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homemade natto closeup

how to make natto | with the tanica yogurtia yogurt maker

natto is japanese fermented soy bean. it’s a little stinky and as you can imagine, when i was a little kid the first time i ate natto i hated it. then as i got older i tried it again and it’s now one of my favorite healthy foods! 😛 here’s one of the simplest ways

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