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shoyu vs soy sauce all day i eat like a shark

Shoyu vs soy sauce: what to use for cooking

Shoyu vs soy sauce Let’s get one thing straight. ‘Shoyu’ is the Japanese word for soy sauce. There are many different types of soy sauce, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. They are not all one and the same. But as you may know for Japanese soy sauces, ‘shoyu’ is really just a broad

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burning man 2011 rites of passage (35)

Burning man 2011 – Rites of Passage

Heard of Burning Man? If you have… everything you heard is probably true. But… You’ll never know for sure, unless you go for yourself. Right? There’s nothing else like it and it was quite the experience. Think Disneyland for adults. I won’t get into any details here, but if youre open to new things, it might

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Japanese tofu recipe Carrot, Spinach, and Shirataki noodles (Shiraae) ingredients

Shirataki Noodles | 3 Delicious and Healthy Japanese Recipes

shirataki noodles? In this post, we’re gonna make three mind-blowingly simple and delicious shirataki noodle dishes. Tanoshimi ni shiteru? Are you excited? Shirataki Noodles | 3 Delicious and Healthy Japanese Recipes Have you ever seen food that looks so delicious that it actually makes your mouth water? For example, these three dishes that we’re gonna

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enoki mushroom and nira namuru

Enoki Mushroom Recipes | 3 DELICIOUS ways to enjoy Japanese mushrooms

Are you looking for a unique way to spice up enoki mushrooms ? I’ve got you covered! Today, we’ll make enoki mushrooms in three different delicious ways. Perhaps at the end of this, you’ll have figured out your favorite way to prepare it. Is enoki mushroom a great addition to your cooking? Enoki mushrooms are my

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enoki mushroom amasuzuke closeup

Enoki Mushroom Recipe amasuzuke (sweet vinegar otsukemono)

  otsukemono (japanese pickles) as you may know, otsukemono is the Japanese word for Japanese pickles. otsukemono comes in many different flavors, as well as forms, shapes, sizes, colors, etc. some of the simplest otsukemono tend to be made with very few ingredients, namely the vegetable that you’re going to be pickling, as well as

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enoki mushroom wasabi ankake

Enoki Mushroom Recipe ankake with wasabi (slightly spicy)

  my relationship with wasabi when i was a kid i hated wasabi. i think most kids do and some adults too. could that be you? it definitely didnt help that most of the wasabi i got to eat was the fake kind – made with horseradish and green food coloring. and dont be fooled,

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