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Lula Bistro Restaurant Review, Guadalajara, Mexico December 2016

Lula Bistro Lula Bistro is located about 15 minutes from the center of Guadalajara by car, in a seemingly industrial area right next to some train tracks. The restaurant feel was very modern/minimalist with a warehouse feel. Concrete floor walls and ceiling and dark lighting. They had downtempo and jazz music playing the whole time,

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Homemade Bucatini with Fresh Herbs and Zesty Breadcrumbs

Bucatini is type of pasta which is very similar to spaghetti but it has larger and thicker noodles. The thick noodle strands of bucatini gives a bit more bite to your pasta dish and I made it successfully with my pasta extruder. Nothing is better than homemade pasta! Making fresh homemade pasta with Kitchenaid Pasta

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Mexico Trip December 2016: Part 6 Guadalajara

One day in Guadalajara… We were walking by some street performers and one of them was covered up in silver paint. You know, like pretending to be a statue that doesn’t move. He was off to the side maybe maybe 15 feet away. We were standing there for a minute or so watching this other

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Vanilla Bean Ice cream with Bourbon

Vanilla Bean Ice cream with Bourbon! Guess what I’m going to be doing this weekend?! Making ice cream!!???????????? I just got a gallon of milk and quart of cream, so I should be able to churn out a few quarts yea? Yaaa!! This is one batch that I’ll be remaking. Vanilla bean is one of

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Mexico Trip December 2016: Part 5 Mexico City Can’t Get Enough!

Mexico City Day 3: Condesa and Coyoacan For breakfast, we thought we’d give this highly rated coffee shop/bakery called Rosetta a try. It was close to our hotel and always seemed to be busy when we walked by it. The coffee was good but the poached eggs were blah. Chocolate croissant was decent. This place

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Mexico Trip December 2016: Part 4 Mexico City Discoveries

Day 2: Juarez and Chapultepec Park  The second day we did a lot more walking again. Our daily average on this trip was around 20k steps per day. It’s always good to get your steps in when traveling! Our itinerary was: Zona Rosa, Juarez, then Chapultepec Park, and finally Polanco. All by foot! The day got off

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Mexico Trip December 2016: Part 3 Mexico City Never Gets Old

Yo. Here is the next part of my Mexico trip in Mexico City!! After Puebla, we spent another three days in Mexico City and it easily could have been double that. With each visit, I’ve always found something new there. Whether it’s food, a neighborhood or a park, there’s plenty to see and do. As

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Japanese Style Macaroni Salad with Tuna

One of my favorite Japanese style salads! I love macaroni salads. I love potato salads. I love my carbs. And yes, all go so well with barbecues. I know it’s not barbecue season yet, but this one is good enough to stand on it’s own without one. How can this be!? Drum roll….. Tuna! Canned

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