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Best Dashi Powder:Sprinkle everywhere all day i eat like a shark


Get ready to upgrade your cooking game with a sprinkle of the best dashi powder – it’s like a flavor ninja, sneaking into your dishes and transforming them into culinary masterpieces! So, say sayonara to boring flavors and hello to an explosion of umami in every bite. What is Dashi Powder?   Dashi powder is

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Miso paste made from soybean

7 Best Miso Pastes for Miso Soup

In this article, I’ve got the secret to making the best bowl of miso soup – the miso paste. And let me tell you, not all miso pastes are created equal. Some are sweet, some are salty, and some pack a punch. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you find the perfect one for

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Miso soup cooked using hondashi or dashi


Discover the rich, savory flavors of Japanese cuisine with Hondashi and Dashi – two essential ingredients that add depth and complexity to traditional dishes. But what’s the difference between these two soup stocks? Is Hondashi just a type of Dashi, or are they two distinct flavors to explore? Let’s find out! Hondashi vs. Dashi Dashi

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Kabayaki sauce in 10 minutes (fast)

Kabayaki sauce is traditionally used to season unagi (grilled eel) in Japan. But you can use it for many other foods too and it’s a tasty way to change things up if you want something different. Here’s one of my favorite ways to make it. What is Kabayaki? Kabayaki is a method of cooking and

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shoyu vs soy sauce all day i eat like a shark

Shoyu vs soy sauce: what to use for cooking

Shoyu vs soy sauce Let’s get one thing straight. ‘Shoyu’ is the Japanese word for soy sauce. There are many different types of soy sauce, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. They are not all one and the same. But as you may know for Japanese soy sauces, ‘shoyu’ is really just a broad

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Kinako Ice Cream with Kuromitsu

how to make kuromitsu (black sugar syrup)

Kuromitsu is a Japanese simple syrup made from black sugar harvested in Okinawa. It’s got an extremely sweet and complex flavor that’ll add both character and sweetness to any dish you desire. What is kuromitsu ? Kuromitsu is a Japanese sugar syrup. “Kuro” means black in Japanese, and “mitsu” means syrup or honey. So “kuromitsu”

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kenchinjiru in bowl

Kenchinjiru: the ultimate japanese vegetable soup

Love root vegetables? As someone who also enjoys them, this could soon be one of your favorite ways to cook them. Thanks to gobo (burdock root) this soups full of flavor, completely filling and perfect as a side or even as your main dish. Make sure to read through the end to get all my

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