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Pat mixing komekoji and brown rice

shio koji- salted koji rice (salted fermented rice)

What is Shio Koji? it’s naturally fermented japanese cooking ingredient that you can use for a variety of foods. shio koji is basically made with 3 ingredients – komekoji, salt and water. after combining the above ingredients you allow it to naturally ferment on your counter anywhere from 5-14 days and it’ll be ready to

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Brand new organic Japanese tea – now available!

checkout some of the latest japanese teas, just in! i only have a very limited quantity available for this first batch and another batch on the way (2-3 weeks). if you’re someone who enjoys tea or want to treat someone who does, you’ve got several amazing options to try. these teas are the type of

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Want some organic Japanese tea?

  as you may know i’m considering adding some new organic Japanese teas to the shop this summer… fill out the short form below to get an exclusive offer on your first order!

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daidokoro the japanese kitchen podcast by pat tokuyama square icon

Season 2, Episode 1 – ichigoichie (once in a lifetime) trip to asia

if you could travel for an extended period of time would you? 🤔 Show Notes In Japanese, there’s a phrase ichigoichie, which means one time, one meeting, loosely translated, it could also mean once in a lifetime.    You’re listening to the daidokoro video podcast. Hi, I’m Pat Tokuyama and you’re about to discover some

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