Oyakodon with Dashi 親子丼
2 to 3people
2 to 3people
  1. Cut mitsuba into 1/2in pieces and set aside.
  2. Add soy sauce, mirin, and dashi to a saucepan and heat on medium-high heat.
  3. Cut chicken into bite-size pieces and add to the saucepan with seasonings.
  4. Microwave sliced onions for 1 min. 30 seconds then add to the saucepan.
  5. Scramble eggs to desired consistency (I like to leave it slightly unscrambled)
  6. Once chicken appears to have cooked (white on outside), add egg in 3 batches. Drizzle egg in the shape of a の ‘no’ Japanese character for all three batches
  7. After the first batch, cover with a lid for 10 seconds and repeat two more times.
  8. You can add mitsuba in between one of the batches or afterwards if you prefer a fresher flavor vs a cooked flavor.
  9. Serve on a bowl of rice and top with pepper and or nori.