Ice Blended Espresso (better than a Frappuccino!!)

While shooting my Rancilio Silvia Espresso videos, I pulled a lot of shots(10 double shots- really). Rather than drink them all, was trying to figure out what I could do differently with them. One idea I found was ice blended espresso or coffee.

If you think Starbucks Frappuccinos are generally too sweet, you might really like this recipe as it has a good balance of coffee flavor, without being too sweet. Well, at least you can control the sweetness at home.

It was a refreshing change to the french press, drip, and espresso shots I usually brew. Coffee is so versatile isn’t it? Hot, cold, liquid, solid etc.

Using each of the following sites as part of my research (savorysweetlifePioneer woman,  all recipes, and euginiekitchen), I came up with the Ice Blended Espresso recipe below

Let me know what you think. I can’t wait to make it again later this week maybe with brown sugar, honey and even some chocolate syrup!

TIP – In making smoothies and blended drinks almost everyday for the past few months, I’ve found it better to use whole ice cubes as opposed to crushed, because the crushed ice seems to melt quicker.

How to make an Ice Blended Espresso Video

Update- 11/22/16 added a video that shows from start to finish, how to make an ice blended espresso!


Would love to hear your tips or pointers on how to  take Ice Blended Espresso to the next level!

Make sure to drink the ice blended espresso with  a straw!!! It really makes a difference in taste!! Click here for the scientific explanation behind straw use @ finecooking.

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Ice Blended Espresso (better than a Frappuccino!!) BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Course drink
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course drink
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender until slushy and top with whipped cream.

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