My Technivorm Moccamaster Review

Like many people coffee is an integral part of my daily routine. First thing I make after waking up to get me going in the day. I have pretty much been using drip all my life, started with a Mr. Coffee and then upgraded to a Technivorm.

I decided I liked the Technivorm after I did blind taste tests with the Bonavita, Mr. Coffee, and the Technivorm. The Mr. Coffee was clearly underextracting the coffee as the brews tasted watery and thin compared to the Bonavita and Technivorm. Which makes sense since using my thermometer I got temperature reads around 160 near the brew head vs 195-197 for the Bonavita/Technivorm.

Since I had issues with coffee spilling from the carafe on the Bonavita, I decided to keep the Technivorm which I’ve had for just about three years now and the only issue I had was for the showerhead corroding a bit. Since it is still under warranty I was able to get a replacement.


They initially said that I should first rub this off with foil, because they are iron deposits that attach to scale build up. But since I have always used reverse osmosis water, I didn’t think that was true… But I gave it a try and it did not work as the chrome finish was actually corroded off. Anyway, happy now that I have a new shower head and couldn’t really see myself using any other drip machine. I did recently see that there is a new Chemex Ottomatic ‘pour over’ machine on sale. To me, it looks like a fancy drip coffee machine versus a pour over, but what do I know since I haven’t tried it yet!

Have you had similar experiences with these machines or tried the new Ottomatic?



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