Online Japanese Cooking Classes

Welcome to our online Japanese cooking class offerings, where you can learn how to make plant based dishes and desserts inspired by Japanese cuisine. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious about Japanese food, you will love our two online memberships that will teach you how to cook authentic and delicious Japanese recipes.

Each membership includes easy-to-follow instructions and videos that will guide you step by step. Here’s what you’ll get with each membership:

Plant Based Japanese Cooking Membership

This membership will teach you how to use plant-based ingredients that are high in umami, such as soy sauce, dashi, miso, edamame, mushrooms, and seaweeds, to create satisfying and flavorful Japanese meals that are both traditional and contemporary in nature.

You’ll also discover the health benefits of Japanese vegetarian and vegan cooking, which is low in fat and cholesterol and rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Oh and did I mention no fake meats? All my recipes are fake food free and created with the spirit of whole food plant based foods in mind.

Japanese Cafe Club Membership:

This membership will teach you how to make decadent and delightful Japanese desserts that are perfect for any occasion. You’ll learn how to make matcha cheesecake, matcha waffles, strawberry stuffed mochi (daifuku), and more. You’ll also discover the secrets of Japanese baking techniques and how to best enjoy Japanese tea with your homemade sweets.

Join our Japanese cooking class memberships today and enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine without compromising flavor.

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