Hydroponic Strawberries – Puget Crimson and Tristar from bare roots grow August 2016 update

So we are just past 8 weeks since I started this project. If you remember I planted bare root strawberry plants. They were initially doing very well. But my update today, is to inform you that it is not going well at all.

The Puget Crimson strawberries are dying. 🙁 You can see in the top portion of the picture, the leaves are browning. There used to be double the amount of leaves on this bin. Now they are really thinning out and the stews of the remaining leaves are quite limp. Last I checked the pH was within range and the total dissolved solids was also within range. I am going to try changing the water tomorrow to see if that helps. But otherwise, this is not looking good.

I’m not sure what happened or what the problem is. I did spray thoroughly with neem oil/dish soap to get some spider mites off a couple of weeks ago. So that may have done it. And the spider mites came back with a vengeance. I hate spider mites. They are tiny and difficult to see. As such they are difficult to eradicate. They also really kill your plants by biting the leaves to suck out the sugars, slowly killing the plants. So sad. Well see if they survive the next few weeks.

puget crimson strawberries

The Tristar strawberries on the other hand still seem to be doing okay. Still no fruit yet and no runners. Just green leaves. I may just have to give up my hydroponic strawberry ambitions if this doesn’t work out.

Also, half of the strawberry plants that I planted in pots are dead too. I have never had such a difficult time growing strawberries. Since the dirt ones died off too, it does make me think it could be the plants themselves. It is possible that they had some sort of disease, but not 100% sure on that. The only way for me to know for sure is to try using a different supplier. Maybe I will try using a different supplier also for my third go, if I feel up to it.

Good news on Thai basil however. The Thai basil is growing well in the back. All of those plants are looking nice and healthy, so I should have a good harvest by next week at the earliest!!

hydroponic basil strawberries

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