Kale and White Bean Skillet Bruschetta

Made this Kale and White Bean Skillet Bruschetta for Meatless Monday, you want a nice hearty loaf of bread with a thick crust. I used a multigrain bread here.

Found the original Kale and White Bean Skillet Bruschetta recipe on bon appetit and made accordingly with chicken stock. The only change I made was topping with chopped tomato from my moms garden. I wanted to take this to the next level.

This could be a good alternative to avocado toast. But now that I mention it, you could probably put this on top of an avocado toast to add another flavor level to it. Furthermore, why not just put a sunny side up egg on top or on the side, then you have a complete breakfast!

I’m not sure that pan toasting is entirely necessary. I think you could get away with using your toaster or putting it in the over. Most important I think is to use a decent amount of olive oil to coat both sides of the bread and to get a nice crust.

The original recipe description said something like this is what to make when you have absolutely nothing in your fridge. This is very true.

Toasting… both sides of the bread were brushed with olive oil

Heating the beans and kale in chicken stock


Have you made anything similar to Kale and White Bean Skillet Bruschetta ? If so would love to hear about it!


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