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A new video Podcast for people hungry for growth

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Hi im pat tokuyama!

and youre about to discover some of the tastiest ways to feed your mind body and soul...

A pharmacist by training, you may know me as the founder of all day i eat like a shark food blog, youtube channel, or as author of several japanese cookbooks.

If you desire to live a healthy life and are looking for a different way of forward, with a hunger for growth, then this video podcast is for you.

Daidokoro is the japanese term for kitchen.

And i’m glad youre here. 

with each episode were going to bring clarity to your cooking by blending Japanese tradition, inspirational stories, and life lessons into bite size bits even a shark would enjoy. 

ready to make some magic happen? 

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Recent Episodes

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Season 2, Episode 1 – ichigoichie (once in a lifetime) trip to asia

if you could travel for an extended period of time would you? 🤔 Show Notes In Japanese, there’s a phrase ichigoichie, which means one time, one meeting, loosely translated, it could also mean once in a lifetime.    You’re listening to the daidokoro video podcast. Hi, I’m Pat Tokuyama and you’re about to discover some

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Meet Pat Tokuyama

Pat Tokuyama, Pharm.D., BCPS is a pharmacist by training and also a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist. 

After working over 18 years in the healthcare industry, he’s come to understand the impact of food can have on health.

It’s this background that’s led him to where he is today. With several Japanese cookbooks and cooking programs created to empower you to eat a healthier more balanced diet with Japanese food.

He believes that with a balanced diet AND regular exercise, it IS possible to get off or reduce reliance on certain prescription medications or avoid taking them all together.

Having significant family history of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, it’s a personal goal he himself sets out to accomplish each day – to never have to take prescription medications for chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

If he can do it, you can do it too!

Pat continues to regularly create videos and share his love of Japanese cuisine through his Youtube channel. He began to focus on video to help demystify Japanese food and make it simple and more accessible for home cooks and foodies to recreate in their own kitchen. 

The one thing that was missing?

A community.

And so the Japanese Cooking Club was born! 

He enjoys bringing people of different backgrounds together with food. And he believes that when together, we can all learn something from each other.

So this Cooking Club isn’t so much just about showing people a new way of cooking Japanese food, but also having a good time and a safe space where like-minded people can go to for support and connect with each other.

The Japanese Cooking club is the newest way that he helps to empower you to take more control of your health, while also combining two of his passions – food and helping you learn, grow and ensure your longevity!


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