How I do French Press with the Frieling French Press

French Press Coffee

Before I really started to enjoy coffee, I used a drip maker on a daily basis. I recently discovered that french press is probably one of my favorite brewing methods next to espresso.

French press gives you a thick and rich coffee that can’t really be replicated any other way. The reason for this is the metal filter is a lot more porous than paper filters. This allows all the oils and other goodies to come through as opposed to getting stuck in the paper. That is why the texture is so different.

The other difference of course, is that if you may get ‘fines’ or tiny coffee grinds in your cup. But this shouldn’t really affect you unless you are chugging your coffee, mug upside down. It also does take a bit more hands on work. But how nice is it that there are so many different coffee brewing methods? Each has its pros and cons and can really affect your coffee experience.

This is how I make my French Press, if you’re just starting out this might be a good guide for you. You can always adjust based on your tastes.

French Press Brewing Instructions

  1. Prepare water at temperature 195-205ºF. I use my Zojirushi hot water dispenser for this (which is supposed to be keeping water at a temp of 204)
  2. Grind coffee coarsely, less coarse can allow shorter brewing time, but can lead to sediment which some people may not like. Depending on your filter you may get more sediment than others. Example: I used to have a Bodum Glass Press which has bigger holes than my Frieling.
  3. Pour grinds into press and stir with a stick or spoon. I usually use a chopstick and stir vigorously for about 10 seconds. NOTE – For fresh beans, you will get a noticeable ‘bloom’ which is the CO2 coming out of the grinds and leads to the nice brown foam you see below. Older beans will still bloom but not as drastically
  4. Put top on and let sit minimum of 4 minutes up to 6 minutes, depending on your preferences.
  5. Pour and enjoy!

Why I did I choose the Frieling French press?

I had used the Bodum before and I didn’t like how it had glass. I’ve broken enough Pyrex products to prefer using stainless steel when possible in the kitchen. The glass of the Bodum is pretty thin. And, the glass piece actually slides out of the metal frame. Accident waiting to happen? So, I chose the Frieling since it had good reviews. Ever since I’ve had it, couldn’t see myself making French Press any other way. The size I bought allows you to make about 20 oz of coffee. That is just about enough or more than enough for two people. It cleans very easily and stays hot when brewing. If I were to gift this to someone who wanted a French press, this is the one I would buy.

If you are just starting with the french press, I would recommend you experiment with different levels of coarseness, brewing times, and even temperatures to see what you like most. If you do experiment it’s also good to adjust one parameter at a time so you can learn how it affects the flavor and texture.

Any other tips or suggestions on making a French press? If you liked this post, please share or leave a comment. Thanks for reading!

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