Curry leaf plant seed planting

The curry leaf plant or tree is also known as Murraya koenigii. From what I understand, there are several different varieties and you can tell by characteristics such as leaf shape. Since I have bought plants from two different growers, I believe that I have two different types. Flavor wise I can’t tell the difference though.

Today I harvested and planted a bunch of curry leaf plant seeds. The green seeds are contained within the dark black fruit that I picked off my curry leaf tree.  In my experience I’ve only had success planting freshly picked seeds from the tree. I tried saving some after removing the fruit and letting dry, but they never germinated even only after a few months. Not sure why, but maybe I was doing something wrong.

The leaves of the curry tree have a nice pungent flavor, very reminiscent of Indian cooking. Also, the leaves are different from what is used to make curry powder. Generally you use the leaves whole to add a nice flavor to rice or curries. The curry powder comes from a completely different plant.

Though it is easy to get dried leaves,(i.e. Amazon)  there aren’t many grocers that I’ve seen carry the fresh leaves. I try to use fresh herbs as much as possible, since the flavor is generally better. I had a few dishes that required the leaves and had exhausted my dry supply. So that is how I ended up with a plant. Lucky me, my plant likes to fruit! Hence the berries (seeds) that I harvested!

I think after the fruit finishes maturing, I will chop off the top, dry the leaves so it redistributes its energy into growing more branches and leaves vs seeds.

I have found it also doesn’t like to be cold, so as soon as fall comes around, I will need to move it back inside where the temperature is a little warmer.



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