White Whole Wheat Bread with the Zojirushi Virtuoso

Home baked bread is the best.  I had been craving toast for breakfast for a while, but had no bread. I didn’t feel like buying it since the store-bought stuff isn’t exactly the type of bread I crave. So, I finally got around to making it. Since I’m not much of a fan of white bread, I decided to make whole wheat. The spin on the whole wheat, however, was using white whole wheat instead of regular whole wheat. White whole wheat has a lighter flavor and lighter color than regular whole wheat. Even with those differences, it’s equally as nutritious.

So I put together a video start to finish of the whole process. I measured out everything last night and set the timer to be ready for early this morning. The house smelled like fresh bread when I woke up. I was able to enjoy it while it was still hot. If you don’t want to use the timer it takes about 4 hours to bake a loaf.

My Experience Using the Zojirushi Virtuoso Bread Maker

If you have one of these bread machines one of the issues I had initially was lopsided loaves. That was no fun. I read online that the reason for lopsidedness is the paddles being misaligned. You have to align the paddles in parallel otherwise you will get a lopsided loaf. Even since I started doing that, the loaves have been coming out perfect. So remember that if you have issues with shape.

The recipe I used for this post, was the one that came with the machine. I followed it to the letter. (exception is white whole wheat flour substitution for whole wheat flour-I used the King Arthur brand.It came out perfect.

Some of the other times I’ve baked bread, I used milk as opposed to milk powder. I think using milk makes the bread more dense in consistency. So If you like lighter bread, I would make sure to use milk powder. Also, I’ve probably used the machine at least 10 times since I got it last year. I would say the loaves I’ve made via the manufacturer recipes are all solid. The pizza dough is exceptionally good as well. It makes it much easier and cleaner than using a stand up mixer.

So if you were considering getting a bread machine, I would definitely recommend it. I’m sure I will enjoy it for many years to come. It does save time compared to making bread with a mixer or by hand.

The last bread I made by hand was the pumpernickel bread to go with my gravlax. I didn’t use a bread machine that time, but being able to use one can definitely save you some time.

What have been your experiences with the Zojirushi Virtuoso bread machine or any other for that matter?




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