Vitamix vs KitchenAid for Homemade Almond Nut Milk with Vanilla

Vitamix vs KitchenAid. I finally decided to buy a Vitamix to see if it’s really that awesome of a blender compared to my KitchenAid. First test was with almond milk…

Using a ratio of approximately 3 cups water : 1 cup nuts (I just soak in a quart canning jar and fill to the top) overnight.

After doing a couple blind taste tests between my new Vitamix and my KitchenAid blender, the Vitamix definitely wins. I did several rounds, unsweetened plain almond milk, unsweetened with vanilla, and sweetened with maple syrup and vanilla.

The texture came out creamier and flavor richer on the Vitamix.

Also, notable was after pureeing the nut milk, with the Vitamix it came out quite warm, like maybe 100 degrees or so. I assume this is from the friction the nuts and blender must be creating. The milk from KitchenAid was not as noticeably warm.

Notice the difference in separation, appears to be only two layers on the KitchenAid


Versus 3 on the Vitamix


On the Vitamix, the I followed the instructions to blend on high for about 2 minutes. For the KitchenAid I used the liquefy button and let it go for about 3 minutes.

After it was done blending, I poured the liquid into a nut milk bag and strained.

For flavoring, I mixed in 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. I haven’t tried sweetening with anything other than dates and maple syrup yet.

I save the leftover almond/date pulp to make almond meal.

To make almond meal

Take the almond pulp, spread over parchment on a cookie sheet and baked on the ovens lowest setting (mine was 170). In about two hours, it was dry. I then put it into my food processor to make the grains more even in size. Below is my almond milk and almond pulp.


Straight out of the oven


Ground to a finer consistency, right before storage


If you’ve had both the Vitamix vs KitchenAid what have been your experiences?

Share your thoughts!

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