Pumpernickel Bread from King Arthur

First of all, if you haven’t heard of King Arthur they are a company that makes flour and other baking products. I have generally had good luck with King Arthur recipes.  I discovered this recipe on their website after a quick internet search. The way I wanted to use the Pumpernickel bread was to pair with my home cured gravlax salmon. Followed to the letter. Since I didn’t have pumpernickel flour I used whole grain dark rye flour, which according to King Arthur is the same thing. (I called them and asked) King Arthur has a phone service that you can call and talk to a live person. How cool is that!

This bread is the stickiest and densest dough I have encountered. It was also quite heavy, but that should be expected given the ingredients like potatoes. Both my arms and my mixer got a good workout from the dough. The end result was exactly what I was expecting.



Most noteworthy is this weight of 985 grams. That is just a little over 2 pounds. And, this was after I took off a couple slices. End result, there is nothing like home made bread. This recipe is definitely a keeper and if you need pumpernickel bread, I would absolutely recommend this King Arthur Pumpernickel recipe

Finally, if you don’t have any salmon you can use this as sandwich bread. It does have that rye and caraway seed flavor which is pretty prominent. So keep that in mind when coming up with sandwich ideas.



It is the perfect match for gravlax and mustard.


Read more about my cured salmon experience and the Gravlax recipe and mustard sauce. That is what I used for the above picture.

Lastly, you can watch me put the bread together below! Also, I should note, I was trying to put the bread flour side up into the bread pan, but the dough was so dense and sticky it wouldn’t come out nicely!! Let me know what you think!!


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