Cured Salmon – Gravlax from Serious Eats and with Citrus from Bon Appetit

The end of salmon season is coming soon (so sad). As such, trying to get as much fresh fish as I can. I bought 2 + pounds wild sockeye salmon from Costco with the intent to cure it all.

I’ve made salmon jerky before and it came out okay. I think I like beef jerky more. So since salmon jerky was out, I thought I would try a different method of preserving the meat. I remember there was an article in Bon Appetit for a salt cured salmon with citrus (lime, lemon and orange zest) and at the time it sounded so good I just ripped it out of the magazine.

In addition to that one, I did a little research on the technique and other recipes to compare. I settled on another one from seriouseats. I followed both as written. Exception is the cure times for each and use of ziplock bags to store the fish and salty slurry.

For the Citrus accented recipe, I cured 12 hours longer than called for (recipe said 24). This may have resulted in a firmer and saltier fish especially since it called for much salt. May be willing to give this another go, especially since I found a link on Martha Stewart for pretty much the same recipe. Next time I’ll cure for exactly 24 hours.

In contrast, the gravlax was still relatively soft and flexible at 36 hours.

Looking back I should have gotten a King or Scottish salmon, since the Sockeye is very lean. I think the fattier the fish the better the flavor.

Really looking forward to eating this in crepes, pasta and on crackers !!!!!!!!!

Just before deskinning

You can watch me deskin the fish below


If you plan to deskin the fish, I would really recommend getting a filet knife or deboning knife. I’m pretty sure that since I used a fat blade it was more difficult for me to cut through than if I were to have used a skinnier blade.



Final product without the skin

After deskinning and sampling the fish, it was a little salty for my taste so I rinsed it a little more with running water which seemed to have reduced the saltiness a bit.


Now for the gravlax, I ended up making the pumpernickel bread myself because I couldn’t find it at the market. The bread came out really good and I am glad I made it

The mustard sauce is the same one from serious eats and turned out fantastic. Overall happy with the my cured salmon results!

I think next time I make this I might use a different recipe, though these were good, I wouldn’t say they were mind blowing. Would love to hear your experiences with cured salmon if any.



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