Cucumber raita with mint

When I was in India, I had the chance to take a cooking class in Jodhpur. During the class we made all kinds of things, one of which was raita.

At the time I had no idea what raita was for, but learned it helps to cool off your mouth from eating spicy curries. And that’s exactly what it does! You always get some raita whenever you order a Thali. Sometimes it includes spices like cumin powder, cumin seeds and other seasonings. I sometimes make it plain and sometimes with spice. I couldn’t imagine eating Indian food without it. It really does work to cool off your mouth when you are eating something spicy.

Heres a quick recipe:

Cucumber raita with mint


1 cup finely chopped/grated cucumber
1 cup whole milk yogurt
½ tsp red chili powder (optional)
1 tsp roasted cumin powder
½ tsp chaat masala powder
salt (optional)
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro or 1/2 Tbsp chopped mint leaves


  1. Chop/grate cucumber and add to yogurt
  2. Add all the spices and coriander leaves.
  3. Mix well and serve with your food!


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Recipe adapted from vegrecipesofindia

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