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Get Jelly Coffee – from my love of coffee, coffee jello, and the ocean.

I remember when I first started drinking the cheap canned coffee with lots of sugar back in college. It was the kind where you just add hot water and comes in different flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, mocha etc. Then I discovered Starbucks, Peets, Coffee Bean and drip coffee. At the same time, I started to cook and really appreciate various ethnic foods and drink. Before graduation, I completed my first overseas living experience in Japan where I had my first espresso. After living there, I developed a deeper appreciation for food, drink and travel.

A few years later, after having lived in San Francisco, I had gotten involved with the food/coffee scene there through Yelp. Regularly writing reviews and trying new places. I maintained my involvement as I moved back south to Los Angeles/Orange County where I am today. I eventually grew a bit tired of eating out all the time and started to cook more often, bake more often and so on. Though coffee was a daily part of my life, it never crossed my mind to try roasting it until a friend suggested it to me. So I did it.

I finally decided to try my hand at roasting with the Fresh Roast 500 which were my baby steps in roasting coffee. My first batch was no good. But within the next few batches I would be drinking some of the freshest and best tasting coffee I had yet to experience. Within a few months I moved on to my Hottop roaster which I have been using exclusively for about three years now and can’t imagine drinking coffee without it.

Fresh roasted coffee is not something you can buy at a store. There is a reason why some bags don’t tell you the roast date or that they roast the beans so dark. But it was all taken for granted and like many, I never thought much of it or cared. I didn’t realize that like wine, there are so many different varieties, farms, and beans out there to try. I was really limiting myself by sticking to the same old store brands and popular coffee shops. My favorite part about roasting is really getting to try all kinds of different coffee that are not available commercially. That is what makes it special to me and my goal is to share that with you.

Anyways, this was how Get Jelly Coffee started and I hope you have the opportunity to try some of my coffee. It will take you to the moon!!! (and back, maybe).


Always had a love for art and illustration,  Calvin and Hobbes, Crayon Shinchan, Monet, Dali, Chihuly, Mucha are examples of my favorites. Given I like working with my hands, thought I would give stationary a shot. So here it is. Hope you like it!

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