March 2017 Reflections: Food, Gardening, and Travel

Yo yo yo! March went by quite fast didn’t it?

Below are some things I haven’t shared yet + a recap of my experiences with food, hydroponic gardening, and travel in March 2017.


Yo! I'm Pat, a self-taught cook, who travels for music, food, and adventure. Here I share my knowledge of Japanese cooking, indoor gardening, and points travel.

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I also post new videos on YT each Weds. Live Cooking Season 2 will resume in mid-May join me in my kitchen!


Tasty recipes that I tried from other sites. Check them out!

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Recipes that didn’t work for me 🙁

Tasty recipes that I posted

The GreenChef Experience Review

I also gave a meal delivery service a try for the first time. I used GreenChef and tried 3 of their vegan meals. They had a promo for one free week which is why I decided to try it.

The only negative I have to say is that they made it very difficult to change the delivery address for my next shipment. The food was subsequently tossed (by the shipper) as a result. This happened despite me giving them advance notice to change the address and contacting both GreenChef and the shipper to change it. So if you never have to change an address it’s not something to worry about…

The videos are on youtube if you want to watch the prep and my initial impressions.

  • Preparation-4/5 everything is premeasured and washed. So the prep(washing/cutting/chopping) required is very minimal. All of my recipes required roasting in the oven, so -1 point for that.
  • Freshness of ingredients-4/5; since things are washed and some veggies come precut, you can tell it may have been some time since they were cut – 1 point
  • Flavor-4/5 The flavors and textures were very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought the level of complexity was on par with a good vegan restaurant. I did not need to add any additional salt.
  • Overall -4/5 The dishes were unique, but nothing really blew me away or led me wanting more. Flavors were good, the food was healthy, and seasoning was adequate. So if you have been contemplating meal delivery, Greenchef might be something worth checking out.

Hydroponic Gardening

Guess what I saw at Trader Joes this weekend?! Hydroponic watercress! Who would have thought it would start to become mainstream! It’s about time and hopefully more people will start to recognize the benefits of hydroponics!

Here is a good news sandwich- My Aerogarden has just passed it’s 80th day! Bad news- I overharvested and killed the back two basil plants. I didn’t want them to drink up all the water while I was away and I guess they must have gone into shock and died. More good news- I took cuttings of the basil, so I still have plenty more!
My DIY Hydroponic grow is going very well, I’ve been meaning to post the progress of it, but haven’t had a chance to yet. If you want to watch my video updates they are available here on Youtube we just passed week 8! Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! 


March Travel


I ended up taking an unplanned and fun trip to Bogota + Cartagena,Colombia and Miami, Florida.

The weather was warm and food overall quite good. More details to come!


Lastly, I updated my logo for the upcoming Easter Holiday. The timelapse for that design can also be found on Youtube.

all day i eat logo easter 2017


Hope you have a great week!



Yo! I'm Pat, a self-taught cook, who travels for music, food, and adventure. Here I share my knowledge of Japanese cooking, indoor gardening, and points travel.

If it's your first time here - learn more about me.

I post new videos on YT each Weds. Live Cooking Season 2 will resume in mid-May join me in my kitchen!


16 thoughts on “March 2017 Reflections: Food, Gardening, and Travel

    • April 4, 2017 at 9:03 am

      thanks it was! a fancier alternative to regular pinto beans 🙂

  • April 3, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Watched the vegan video. Very interesting. I didn’t realize that vegetables would still roast on parchment. Do,you lose any flavor that way?

    • April 4, 2017 at 9:14 am

      thanks Elizabeth!! 🙂 i usually use my glass baking dishes for roasting, but when in a hurry i always use parchment because it makes cleanup easy and I haven’t noticed any flavor loss!

  • April 3, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Hey! Thanks so much for mentioning me! I’m glad you liked the hummus recipe. Since then, I actually tried a couple other variations. First, I tried blending the hummus together with some cooked red bell peppers, which gave it a wonderful sweetness. And just last night, I tried out turmeric hummus for the first time. I’ll probably do a post on it soon. After hearing about the crazy health benefits of turmeric, I decided to incorporate more into my diet…and turmeric hummus is definitely one delicious way of doing that! Anyways, thanks again and I’m looking forward to future posts, as always. 😀

    • April 5, 2017 at 8:21 am

      you bet! thanks for inspiring me!! i’ve been meaning to make hummus for several months and saved some recipes, but you showed how easy it was and finally got me to do it!! ???? turmeric hummus sounds really exotic and interesting, i actually grow my own (along with ginger) and it resprouted this week after going dormant for the winter. it smells so good!! looking forward to see what you come up with too!

      • April 6, 2017 at 9:36 am

        Haha actually I myself had forgotten how easy it was to make hummus, and now that I rediscovered it, my freezer it just constantly stocked with all sorts of different hummus flavors! I can’t believe you grow your own turmeric! How do you do that? Do you need to be in a particular climate? It must be wonderful to have fresh turmeric and ginger!

        • April 7, 2017 at 8:33 am

          yeah it’s easy to do! i grow them in pots with potting soil. all you need to do is stick a piece or two in the dirt and you should see grow within a few weeks (provided its warm). i start watering lightly after 2 weeks. they do ok inside by a window, but grow better in full sun.both ginger and turmeric die off once it gets cold. since i’m in LA it doesn’t get too cold, but its still cold enough to make the leaves fall off at the end of summer

          • April 12, 2017 at 6:28 am

            Oh, that’s so neat! Do you just use regular ginger and turmeric from the grocery store? I assume organic would sprout the most effectively? I’m all about growing my own food, but it often doesn’t work out as well as it should because Vancouver is pretty cold most of the year. I’m thinking more and more that I need to move down to LA for all the amazing produce haha! I’m so curious to try growing turmeric, though. Thanks for the tips!

          • April 15, 2017 at 1:13 pm

            Yup! Ive read sometimes the roots are treated to prevent growth but since i used organic i didnt have any issues, you could try growing them by a bright window. They do okay on my balcony which is partially shaded too

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