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In my 3 part video series, you will learn how to make:


All Day I Eat Academy Miso Mentsuyu

Mentsuyu  めんつゆ Mentsuyu is the base for delicious and savory noodle soups such as soba and udon.
It has many other purposes too, including but not limited to, agedashi tofu, tempura, cha-han, as well as vegetables!


All Day I Eat Academy Miso Soup

Miso soup 味汁 We are going to cover how to make classic miso soup. This soup may be served at many meals along side a bowl of rice. You can use this recipe as a base and add other ingredients as the seasons change or whatever your are in the mood for.


All Day I Eat Academy Gomaae

Gomaae 胡麻和え This is one type of aemono, which is often times a vegetable that is dressed or seasoned. This particular version is known as gomaae, since it calls for sesame seeds (goma in Japanese). This is one of my favorite things to eat! This recipe is calls for black sesame seeds which not only taste good, but also add a dramatic black color that isn’t so often associated with food. They add a delicious and nutty flavor that pairs well with green vegetables such as spinach and green beans.


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Here is a video preview of the Foundations of Japanese cooking course


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